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IPFS Pinning Services

If you want to have your content stored in IPFS indefinitely, you have to pin it on some IPFS node otherwise it will get deleted after capacity of IPFS node holding it currently is reached. This is similar to seeding a torrent. There has to be somebody who has complete copy of file before other peers can copy and redistribute it. If you do not have own IPFS node there are services which will do pin it and have it available for other IPFS nodes for you. [Read More]

How is this site done

This site is created using so called JAM Stack. Its combination of pre-rendered static pages created from markup language, served from CDN and enhanced with client side JavaScript and using JSON APIs to talk to backend services. In our case. Markup language used is MarkDown and static pages are pre-rendered using Hugo with YAML formatted metadata. Source Markup files are edited in FAR Manager and stored in Git repository which is pushed to Gitlab hosting service. [Read More]

3Speak needs IPFS

I just uploaded my first video to 3Speak video site. It was definitively lesson in patience, but it finally worked. Video got stuck Queued for encoding for few hours (actually slightly over 2). This is improvement from yesterday because I was not even able to finish upload. I understand common video site workflow: user uploads whole video source file and site will re-encode it for lower bitrates. This is standard nowadays and user expects video site working that way. [Read More]