Hosting Web site on IPFS

IPFS is one of popular topics for We decided to go forward and publish our site on IPFS. Lets take a closer look on how is publishing to IPFS done. Advantages of IPFS IPFS is global distributed filesystem. Its main function is to store and distribute static content. Content can be replicated, deduplicated and is identified by secure hash. IPFS can be used for hosting static web sites. Dynamic sites needs to include fragments from servers outside IPFS. [Read More]

Monitor availability of your website

Its important to know if your website is running properly and if not then consider to switch service providers. Switching providers is quite simple and nothing to be feared of. From my experience it is uproductive to discuss performance problems with your current service provider. They are not interested in doing anything as long as you pay. Don’t be afraid to move. First we need to collect some performance data. We are most interested in average response time and uptime. [Read More]

How is this site done

This site is created using so called JAM Stack. Its combination of pre-rendered static pages created from markup language, served from CDN and enhanced with client side JavaScript and using JSON APIs to talk to backend services. In our case. Markup language used is MarkDown and static pages are pre-rendered using Hugo with YAML formatted metadata. Source Markup files are edited in FAR Manager and stored in Git repository which is pushed to Gitlab hosting service. [Read More]