Recording video with OBS

I tested different codecs for recording video in OBS 28.1.1.

Codec name Parameters CPU Used File size Remarks
Cineform film 2 cfhd -quality 3 23% 625k Good quality
ProRes 422 HQ prores_ks profile=3 58 % 176k Very few frames actually encoded, practically slideshow, unuseable.
ProRes (alternate) prores_aw 35% 334k Single profile codec. Video is smooth but blocky. Unusable
DNxHR LB dhxhd profile=1 15% 160k Very bad quality, lot of compression artefacts
DNxHR SQ dhxhd profile=2 15% 524k Some compression artefacts.
DNxHR HQ dhxhd profile=3 15% 797k Noticeable improvement over DNxHR SQ version, some compression artefacts remains.