Youtube alternatives

Youtube is not only one video site. What are alternatives to Youtube? Are they any good?


Vimeo has best video quality of any site, Youtube including. It does not have community of Youtube size, its mainly used for hosting videos embedded in web pages and for artists showing their work and its possibly to sell videos using pay per view model. Most played videos have single digit millions views. This is about 100x less then youtube. You can certainly directly invite people to your vimeo channel but it will not grow organicaly like on Youtube from recommendations, searches, etc.

After joining you will get 5GB of free video storage and can upload 500MB weekly and have just one channel. For more space and better uploads limit you need to subscribe to Vimeo Plus. It costs $7 per month and you will get 250GB of space every year and can upload up to 5GB per week. Because videos are stored in high quality, you can use this as backup space for your videos.

If you don’t mind paying a bit and want to have superb video quality there is no other choice.

Daily Motion

You can use Google or Facebook to login. Video quality is good. Possible copyright violations checking is stricter then on Youtube. I tried to upload few remixes and all were deleted. I don’t like user interface, its difficult to find what you are looking for quickly. For example video upload is in: Account - Settings - Upload. Interesting, huh?

Meta cafe

Disadvantage is that all uploads are moderated. Site is very picky about possible copyright violations, more strict then Youtube. Moderation time is quite long. For my videos it took few months until they become available for public.


Veoh is nice. Its definitively way smaller then Metacafe and Daily Motion but its user interface is clean, easy to understand and you can upload long videos and I didn’t detected any complains about copyright. If you don’t mind smaller user base, go for it.