IPFS Pinning Services

If you want to have your content stored in IPFS indefinitely, you have to pin it on some IPFS node otherwise it will get deleted after capacity of IPFS node holding it currently is reached. This is similar to seeding a torrent. There has to be somebody who has complete copy of file before other peers can copy and redistribute it.

If you do not have own IPFS node there are services which will do pin it and have it available for other IPFS nodes for you. Good pinning service should allow you to specify duration of pinned files, do manual unpin in case you do not need these files anymore and extend pin duration. It is also helpful to have it replicated on more nodes.

Service Free GB Price USD/GB Regions Pin expiration Manual unpin Edit description API
Pinata 1 0.15 per copy (up to 2) in selected regions Fra, Nyc No Yes API only Yes
OneLoveDTube No 0.087 FRA, US East
Eternum No 0.14 Yes
Infura 5 0.08
filebase 5 5.99/1TB + 0.0059/GB
kaleido 10 0.72 3 nodes No Yes
fleek 3 0.10 4 nodes
space 5 11/500GB + 0.02/GB
nft.storage N/A Free, 31GB file limit Backed up to filecoin
Web3.Storage 1TB More on request for Free Backed up to filecoin