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FFmpeg - convert to ALAC

ALAC (Apple Lossless Codec) are lossless compressed audio files inside MP4 container. Usually they have extension .m4a. They are slightly larger then FLAC files but tags are pretty much standardised because they are using the same ID3 tagging standard as MP3/MP4 audio files. How to make ALAC files with FFmpeg? Its pretty simple: just set codec to alac and container to m4a. FFmpeg will do right thing. It can deal with both 16 and 24 bit audio. [Read More]

FFmpeg - convert to 24-bit WAV

Sometimes its needed to convert audio file to WAV. FFmpeg by default creates 16-bit WAV file even if input is 24-bit. This is not desirable behaviour. To get 24-bit WAV you need to specify pcm_s24le codec on command line:

ffmpeg -i <input file> -c:a pcm_s24le <output.wav>

Orban Loudness Meter - LUFS, PPM, TP

Loudness metering is very important for music production. There are several free VST loudness meters. Orban Loudness Meter is different - its standalone application. It is measuring loudness of system audio output using several different methods.

It can measure PPM, LUFS, TP, CBS, ITU BS.1770 Momentary, Short Term & Integrated, VU. Supports both Mac and Windows.

Download: Home page | IPFS mirror

Snipboard.io - Sharing edited screenshots

For cooperation with other people, its often handy to share screen shots. One screenshot at right time saves a lot of words. Because screenshots can contain private information, its handy to use cut before sharing. There are several ways how to do it - for example using editor like Paint.Net. It works but its slow you have to paste screenshot into editor, cut it, save screenshot and upload it to some screen shot sharing web. [Read More]

Audio volume analysis with FFmpeg

FFmpeg can be used for analysing audio levels. Its quite handy because it can be scripted and then used for volume normalisation. Lets measure traditional RMS volume levels used in K-System with EBU tech 3205-E 10 ms peaks. This is measured in FFMpeg by plugin astats. It can measure a lot of things but we go just for dB peak, RMS level integrated over entire song and RMS Peak (3205-E): [Read More]

H265 Sample Video

I could not find example of H265 Encoded MP4 file for browser compatibility testing. Only H265 files I found were packaged inside mkv container. I created my own test file for html video tag.

Test file is 720p MP4 video encoded using H265 codec “hvc1” Main 10 profile Level 4.1 with HE-AAC (aacPlus) sound.

Running IPFS at Oracle Cloud

How to setup and run IPFS node for free in Oracle Cloud environment. First, you need to register for Oracle Cloud Free Tier. You need credit card and phone number for registration. Finish registration and login to web console. In Oracle Cloud Console create Compute Instance. Select free type E2.1.Micro and Oracle Autonomous Linux image. In free tier we can use up to two virtual machines with 1 GB RAM each and 100GB of disk space shared between these two. [Read More]

Hosting Web site on IPFS

IPFS is one of popular topics for netmag.ml. We decided to go forward and publish our site on IPFS. Lets take a closer look on how is publishing to IPFS done. Advantages of IPFS IPFS is global distributed filesystem. Its main function is to store and distribute static content. Content can be replicated, deduplicated and is identified by secure hash. IPFS can be used for hosting static web sites. Dynamic sites needs to include fragments from servers outside IPFS. [Read More]

Monitor availability of your website

Its important to know if your website is running properly and if not then consider to switch service providers. Switching providers is quite simple and nothing to be feared of. From my experience it is uproductive to discuss performance problems with your current service provider. They are not interested in doing anything as long as you pay. Don’t be afraid to move. First we need to collect some performance data. We are most interested in average response time and uptime. [Read More]