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Running IPFS at Oracle Cloud

How to setup and run IPFS node for free in Oracle Cloud environment. First, you need to register for Oracle Cloud Free Tier. You need credit card and phone number for registration. Finish registration and login to web console. In Oracle Cloud Console create Compute Instance. Select free type E2.1.Micro and Oracle Autonomous Linux image. In free tier we can use up to two virtual machines with 1 GB RAM each and 100GB of disk space shared between these two. [Read More]

Hosting Web site on IPFS

IPFS is one of popular topics for netmag.ml. We decided to go forward and publish our site on IPFS. Lets take a closer look on how is publishing to IPFS done. Advantages of IPFS IPFS is global distributed filesystem. Its main function is to store and distribute static content. Content can be replicated, deduplicated and is identified by secure hash. IPFS can be used for hosting static web sites. Dynamic sites needs to include fragments from servers outside IPFS. [Read More]

Youtube alternatives

Youtube is not only one video site. What are alternatives to Youtube? Are they any good? Vimeo Vimeo has best video quality of any site, Youtube including. It does not have community of Youtube size, its mainly used for hosting videos embedded in web pages and for artists showing their work and its possibly to sell videos using pay per view model. Most played videos have single digit millions views. This is about 100x less then youtube. [Read More]

Monitor availability of your website

Its important to know if your website is running properly and if not then consider to switch service providers. Switching providers is quite simple and nothing to be feared of. From my experience it is uproductive to discuss performance problems with your current service provider. They are not interested in doing anything as long as you pay. Don’t be afraid to move. First we need to collect some performance data. We are most interested in average response time and uptime. [Read More]

IPFS Pinning Services

If you want to have your content stored in IPFS indefinitely, you have to pin it on some IPFS node otherwise it will get deleted after capacity of IPFS node holding it currently is reached. This is similar to seeding a torrent. There has to be somebody who has complete copy of file before other peers can copy and redistribute it. If you do not have own IPFS node there are services which will do pin it and have it available for other IPFS nodes for you. [Read More]

How is this site done

This blog is created using so called JAM Stack. Its combination of static pages created from markup language, client side javascript and external service usually returning JSON payload. In our case. Markup language used is MarkDown and static pages are created using Hugo. Source Markup files are edited in FAR and stored in Git repository which is pushed to Gitlab hosting service. You can preview your site locally using hugo server and pointing your browser at http://localhost:1313/. [Read More]

3Speak needs IPFS

I just uploaded my first video to 3Speak video site. It was definitively lesson in patience, but it finally worked. Video got stuck Queued for encoding for few hours (actually slightly over 2). This is improvement from yesterday because I was not even able to finish upload. I understand common video site workflow: user uploads whole video source file and site will re-encode it for lower bitrates. This is standard nowadays and user expects video site working that way. [Read More]